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Deposit Details

We can receive the payments from you, by common bank (wire) transfer, or by paying via internet.. here are the options to make a deposit for us:

Payment Option 1: Western Union
To name: Mahmoud Fathi Mohamed Mohamed
Instant transfers for more information:

Payment Option 2: MoneyGram Transfer

You can this this option to send money only within a 10 minutes using , here is the link to show you to send and find suitable agent to send :

Click Here

Below is the details of the Beneficiary:
Beneficiary Name: Mahmoud Fathi Mohamed Mohamed
Bank Name: Al Ahli Bank of Kuait - Egypt
Account number: 1996207

Address : Aswan

Payment Option 3: Plimus Deposit
-We made a coopareation with a USA company called Plimus, it is a leader company to collect money by all types of payments via internet, all kinds of credit cards and also supports paypal what is not supported in Egypt, so it is preferable to use this payment method only if the previous payment methods did not suit you, because this service requires a little bit higher additional fee.
-Additional Fee: amounts less then $300 fee=8%, amounts $300 and above fee=5%

Payment Option 4: Paypal
Pay to:

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