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Name: Waleed Elazab
Languages: English,German
City: Giza.
Address: Cairo,Egypt.
Telephone1: 0020122362275
Birthday: 21/2/73
Gender: Male
Notes: Well I am very simple person love to have fun and laugh and make laugh also. Love nature and try to respect it as much as I can. I am very simple man, I like all people which respect me and my religion "Islam" I am Egyptian tour guide from "amazing Land" ! Maybe you thinking Is there a country called amazing ? There isn't, but I call Egypt like that because everywhere you go, you say "amazing!? There is such a mix of monuments: Pharaonic, Greco-Roman, Turkish, Coptic, Islamic. As for nature, its a very magnificent tableau: the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Nile, deserts, oases and mountains. Then there are the Egyptians, the people who cannot live without smiling. As an Egyptian, I feel so proud of my country, or shall I say, of my paradise? I am Working with big travel Agent gives me the biggest chance to show the world how much I love it. So shall I hear you say "amazing land" in my next trip.

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