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Name: khaled Abbass
Languages: English
City: Cairo
Address: Cairo
Telephone1: 01008293549
Telephone2: 01092227989
Birthday: 5/1/1986
Gender: male
Notes: My name is Khaled Abbass. I`m 28 male from Egypt. I?m a tour guide who specializes in English language tours. I have completed 7 certificates in management and customer relations. Two of my degrees are in English language. I have extensive experience working with many tours agencies including with my own groups, friends from the USA and other speaking English countries. I have a high level of degree which makes me an expert in all branches of Egyptology. I`m a professional licensed tour guide and expert in Egyptology. With my extensive experience working in the tourism profession, I?m now working independently to exclusively offer my assistances and experience to tourists. I`m personally dedicated to providing an enjoyable tour program for my clients while ensuring their comfort and safety as they take the exciting journey of discovery through Egypt. ....

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