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The difference between Luxor and Aswan..

What is the difference between Aswan and Luxor, and what the best places to visit in the two cities?
The difference is:

Aswan: is a very beautiful city to relax in felucca or the cruise, and it is a mixing between gorgeous nature views and photos, and good Monuments and temples...and very nice people Nubian and Saidians

Luxor: it is a city full of New Kingdom (started at 1550 BC) monuments, and containing 1/3 of the monuments allover the world

The best places to visit in the two cities:
Aswan: Abu Simbel (the most important temple to visit in Aswan), Philea temple, Unfinished Obelisk , High Dam, Nubian Village
Kom Ombo Temple
Edfu Temple

Luxor: West Bank: valley of kings, Hatshipsut temple
East bank: Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple

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