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Can I leave Egypt with an expired tourist visa?

Can i leave Egypt with an expired tourist visa?
My tourist visa expired (long story), and I want to get out of here! Does anyone know how much I'll have to pay? Or if I can leave overland somehow? I wouldn't mind sneaking through the desert ;)
Best Answer:
You can try to leave but you will pay a substantial fine! Better to to go the "Mogamma" building in Downtown and you pay a Much smaller fee and you can get 'updated' You might even be able to get a residence permit backdated and depending how long you have been there will cost as little as 3le. It has Nothing to do with your embassy....your embassy didnt issue the visa in the first place...the Egyptian embassy did or u got it at the airport. DOnt listen to the answers who say it has anything to do with your home country's embassy. Best bet go o Mogamma, get there early, as it takes 3-4 hours.
American who has Been there 19 there part time.
source: yahoo answers

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