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felucca better than Nile Cruise Aswan-Luxor

This is the Question:
Are there more/better things to do in Aswan or Luxor (Egypt)?
I'm planning an Egypt trip and trying to get an idea of how long to spend in each area. Thanks!

This is the Answer:
I recommend felucca for you, because I'm a tour guide and live in KOM OMBO (Aswan), the cruise is expensive, and there are not much time to visit the temples well, for example you will take at kom ombo 1 hour only, and the cruise boat staff will tell you "you should hurry up, we will leave after 1 hour or something like this", anyway i'm a tour operator a specialist in Upper Egypt Area, you should enjoy with the natural of Aswan, and the monuments of Luxor, Abu Simble temple it is optional to you, but you should not missed it, Nubian Village in Aswan, OK you can take 3 days in Aswan, 1 day for kom ombo and Edfu, 3 days at Luxor the total = 7 days in Upper Egypt.....

I advise you to make this trip at your own, with a little organization from me, it will be a wonderful site:
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