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Tips to avoid sunburn and heat stroke

At this time of year it is very hot indeed and people need to be aware that it is easy to get burned or suffer heat stroke.
My tips to avoid either are as follows
1 Always use a good high factor sun protection the factor can be reduced the longer you stay
2 Apply your sun screen more than once a day
3 Where possible get some shade.
4 Drink plenty of water frequently
5 As temperatures rise try to lessen your intake of alcohol as this dehydrates the body.
6 Wear lightweight clothing , including longer sleeves if you can.
7 Take a shawl or hat to cover your head in exposed places
8 Before you leave for your holiday buy a handheld fan and keep it with you, its invuable in enclosed places such as tombs where air is hot and feels limited.

Another tip to avoid heat related problems is remember to keep an eye on your sugar and salt intake, the hotter it gets the more its used up in the body, so replace a little and it helps to balance out the bodies system.
Having said that cold fizzy pop type drinks is not always a good thing, natural sugar is better.
Juice, a little sugar added to tea coffee cereal, etc is ok


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