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"I have had offers from Egyptians of Orfi so they can share apartment"

  • I have had a very good chatting with a perfect woman from UK, I asked her about marriage between Egyptian men and tourists, she said:
    some of European women travel for Egyptian men.
    and because of this many young men immediately think women even like me (old woman) want
    toy boy, sex and will give them money and visa!
    I have had offers of Orfi (a kind of marriage in Egypt) so they can share apartment, I refused because i respect myself and i will be with a man because i trust him
    and that he not have 1,000 habibis (my love in Arabic) waiting to come over on next plane! hahahahaha

    ME: what is the properties of Egyptian men for European woman (old or young)?

    HER: what do you mean?

    ME: what is different in Egyptian men to attract European woman?

    HER: i know young men say 24 years and older ask older women say 50 or older as
    they see them as having much money and that they will give them good time,
    lie to them and say they love them making the women feel they can trust them
    and they will give them loads of money.

    Egyptian men are attractive to European women as they appear on the surface
    to be more respectful, hones and loving and not afraid to show feelings, but
    in a lot of cases this is just what they do to get money from these women

    I know of one Egyptian 27 this year married a 47 year old lady from Europe
    for visa. He had wedding in Cairo and had friends there saying that was his
    family, but his mother and real family do not know for sure he is married they
    can only think as he lives in Europe, but now he is so sad as he realized
    that woman did not have money, that its also hard work in eastern Euopean
    countries to make money and he has not seen his family in Egypt for 2 years
    and has no money to get home!

    ME: what do you say about the guys who offer marriage for you for first time of

    HER: I just smile and laugh and say i know about Egyptian orfi and gigalos!
    They usually after a bit also joke about its. When i go out I do like to dress
    nice and look good and as I am tall and blonde sometimes i stand out!

  • Another Opinion: Maybe she is right, marriage is not playing football, marriage is special and important act of love, i mean it will good by love. Nowadays love, loving feelings rare i think.
    but one of my egyptian friends who worked in Uzbekistan 4 years said to me"Dil i love u too much but i can't imagine how to marry u becz our way of life, religion, traditions, customs unkown and so complicated for european and other country's women, here they can't live long time" I was happy to hear this becz he was honest to me, after some time i found proof of his words: another man from egypt said:"Dil i love u want marry u" it was interesting for me to know another opinion and said to him:" Ok what will I do after marriage, where will we live?" he:" In egypt, u'll sit at home, will wait for me after my working day" I asked" why? How about my working? can I work?" he said" no no u'll sit at home, here women a not work, maybe 20% of them work" I really was in shork and asked again:" it will boring for me to sit at home" He:" Listen baby u will wanch TV and internet" Proof.
    I asked again " How about clothes what i will wear after marriage?" He:" U will wear long dress with long sleev" I" why" he:" becz i don't want other men look at ur legs and arms, and here all women wearing like this" another proof of differences of ways of life between different countries.
    But i can say that if i'll fall in love I'll be ready live with him even in a small vigvam. it doesn't matter where to live if u love, but if it will REAL and TRUE love. so a u ready to marry me? hahahahaha (joke) Mahmoud of course it's difficult to believe that someone from another country can visit othet counrty only becz he wants marry by love. beside them we don't know rules and customs of all countries.

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