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The best tool to customize and calculate your tour budget rely on real costs, to avoid cheaters

I programmed a tool in my website, to customize your tour depends on the real costs you spend, when I say real, I mean the real cost of the tickets that the tickets office employer takes from you or from the travel agency, when I say real I mean the real cost of the transfers, because some of the agents lie and tell you a higher cost, for example, when you ask the agent how much is the cost of the transfer from Luxor to the airport, he will say to you: it costs 100 LE and my fee is 100 LE, at that point he is a liar because the cost of the transfer is 50 LE not 100 LE, to check the real (very real) costs of every thing in your tour go to this web page:

you can also use this tool to book a customized tour depends on your private options ans needs, cheap prices and clear costs...

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