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Sun Bread in Upper Egypt!

The Summary:
You know that I'm from Aswan, and Aswan it is a city in Upper Egypt, every day I eat unusual healthy bread, its name Sun Bread or Shamsi (Arabic word for Sun) bread, this kind of bread only used in Upper Egypt, Cairo people use another public kind of bread, the Ancient Egypt used steps like these to make their bread, I will describe the steps of making this Shamsi Bread:

mix the flour with salt and water and knead them together, then cut the dough into small pieces and put every piece in a rounded wooden plate..

let the pieces many hours (more than 3 hours) in the sun and shape every piece like the following photos:

put the piece into mud brick oven:

get a good and delicious hot bread ready to be eaten by me hhhhh :)

This a link gives you detailed information about Sun (Shamsi) Bread:

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