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Is there anything tourists should know about local customs etc?

Is there anything tourists should know about local customs etc?

If you are a woman it is totally inappropriate for a man to touch you at all ... a lot of them will try and kiss your hand, and while that is ok in a western culture, it is completely an attack to you...
You can wear t-shirts but trousers shud cover ur knees. However, fi you go to the beach in Dahab (which i totally reccomend, instead of Sharm or Hurghada) you can wear shorts and sleeveless tops; your swimsuit shud be 1 piece if in Cairo; if at a resort - 2 piece is ok, but no G-string.
If you have a man with you, let him do the talking - locals would prefer talking to a man when bargaining or buying anything. It is a men culture...
Egyptians are friendly and will try and invite you for tea ... make sure you use ur common sense to see the difference between those who try and rip u off and those who are genuine.
They often assume that any foreigner has a LOT of money...
If you take a taxi, ride in the back, never in the front if you are a woman.
Leave a tip wherever you go ...
The Egyptians like to make jokes so smile a lot.... dont act scared!!! Their way of making jokes is making jokes at other people's expense, so do not get offended!
Express an interest in their family .... it is a family culture!

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