Egypt tours

Cairo3 - Saqqara, Memphis and Dahshur

Places: Saqqara, Memphis and Dahshur
Type: standard tours
Is it private? private tours
Location: Giza
Enjoy an excursion to the Step Pyramids of Zoser, the world?s oldest major stone structure. It was built in the 3rd Dynasty (around 2630 BC) for King Djoser. After that transfer to Memphis which was founded by King Menes, and was the capital of Old Egypt during the Old Kingdom, it was considered to be a center of rule and culture for over 3000 years the first capital of Egypt, and see the Statue of
Ramses II. On your way to the south you will visit the Red
Pyramid and Bent Pyramid at Dahshur. Back to hotel.



  • Private Licensed Tour guide (Egyptologist)
  • All entrance tickets (entrance fees) for all mentioned places
  • Transfers, private van, new, clean, air-conditioned and has a license to transfer tourists..
  • All Service charges & taxes*All Service charges & taxes



*International flights
*Visitor's VISA -obtain upon arrival at airport ($15,- per Person)
*Domestic trains & flights
*Any meals not mentioned -optional lunch during tour
*Any item or service not mentioned
*Tips for guide, tour leaders & driver


Common tour Price List for adults:

Visitors: Price per person in USD
1 Person(s)40 USD
2 Person(s)26 USD
3 Person(s)22 USD
4 Person(s)19 USD
5 Person(s)18 USD
6 Person(s)17 USD
7 Person(s)16 USD
8 Person(s)16 USD
9 Person(s)15 USD
10 Person(s)15 USD
11 Person(s)15 USD
12 Person(s)15 USD
13 Person(s)14 USD
14 Person(s)14 USD


Prices for students and >5 children (half ticket):

Prices for children may be less than prices in the shown price table if it includes hotels or Nile Cruises etc.. it depends on Children policy

Visitors: Price per person in USD
1 Person(s)35 USD
2 Person(s)20 USD
3 Person(s)16 USD
4 Person(s)13 USD
5 Person(s)12 USD
6 Person(s)11 USD
7 Person(s)10 USD
8 Person(s)10 USD
9 Person(s)9 USD
10 Person(s)9 USD
11 Person(s)9 USD
12 Person(s)9 USD
13 Person(s)9 USD
14 Person(s)8 USD


Prices for Egyptians and Arabs (Tickets are not included):

  • If you are not Arab, you can use this price list, but note the tickets are not included
  • We may add 20 LE for Egyptians and Arabs to pay the cheap tickets

Visitors: Price per person in USD
1 Person(s)29 USD
2 Person(s)15 USD
3 Person(s)10 USD
4 Person(s)8 USD
5 Person(s)6 USD
6 Person(s)5 USD
7 Person(s)5 USD
8 Person(s)4 USD
9 Person(s)4 USD
10 Person(s)3 USD
11 Person(s)3 USD
12 Person(s)3 USD
13 Person(s)3 USD
14 Person(s)3 USD

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