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Train Ticket Reservation Details:

Train Tickets Reservation

It is recommended to reserve train tickets at least 10 days before your trip,
   especially in the high season, we do that to make sure we will find a place in the suitable train 
   that suits your trip time table...
The kinds of the train tickets we reserve:
-Sleeping train Tickets, includes Transportation, accomodation and meals, to ckeck
the prices, schedule and more please visit the website of the company giving that service
called Al Wataniya (Abela):
-First Class Seats Train, it is good one, and its first feature is cheaper than sleeping tain,
for Example the ticket from Aswan to Cairo is about 20 USD...
Our Fees:
- 10 USD per ticket
How To reserve:
-check the price of your desired tickets, add our fee to the price,
Use the Contact Form HERE, to send us your request details.
How does it work:
(1) You prepare what you need form the tickets, and send us your request
(2) Pay Money => the cost of tickets + the fee per ticket,
you can check the Options Of The Payment HERE
(3) After we receive the money, our agent will go to the train tickets office, to reserve the
tickets for you, after you come to Egypt, he will go to your hotel and give them to you
(1) If you want to reserve the Sleeping Train Ticket, you must send us a scanned well copy
of every passport in advance via email :,
you must send these copies in advance before the reservation process...
The Egyptian Government requires these copies for security reasons
(2)You must send us a place address in Egypt, to let our agent to reach you then give
the tickets for you, in common tourists give Hotel address, phone number, room number
(3) You must pay the money of the tickets in advance, using these options to pay:
Options Of The Payment HERE

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